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"Exquisite... such a refreshingly original sound."
- Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music
"This is called 'Be My Guru'. I think it's great."
- Guy Garvey, Elbow
"She has the steady delivery of Judee Silll, but the harmonic flavour of Kate Bush or Robert Wyatt."
- Sean O'Hagan, The High Llamas
"A triumph; the arrangements are top-flight."
- Van Dyke Parks, composer / arranger
"I have been playing Louise's absolutely beautiful and haunting songs incessantly."
- Jonathan Coe, author
"What she does is different from anything that is being done at the moment... Her voice is both childlike and mysterious - magic."
- Michka Assayas, France Musique
"Here you have a woman who possesses a remarkable gift for 'hearing' her own music, and just as remarkable an ability to give it shape with the most modest of means."
- Louis Philippe, Composer/Arranger
"Louise wears no make-up, and neither do her songs."
Arnd Zeigler, Gig-Blog.net
"Soft, gentle, emotional, intelligent, yet with a knowledge of human strife and even industrial suffering."
- Green Man Music.com
"It becomes immediately apparent that Le May has a staggeringly haunting voice, almost like a star from a musical in its style and clarity, but not to an extent which can be considered tedious."
- Altsounds.com 
"This is quite simply exquisite; sensual and beguiling in the manner – though not style – of Kate Bush, with that kind of Englishness that draws you in like a rose-scented breath." ****
- Oz Hardwick, Rock'n'Reel
"Not since the debut of Carly Simon have I heard a "girl" with such artistic depth and ability to write a tense series of tonal angles, all packaged quite perfectly in a neat 4 minute song-format"
- Eric Matthews, recording artist 
"Louise Le May hits the harmonic heart of the song without tricks or special effects."
Gianfranco Marmoro, Ondarock
"Part dream, part cathartic, wholly inspirational songs."
- Neil King, Fatea Magazine
"There’s no shortage of singer-songwriters cranking out hummable tunes these days. But if you’ve had your fill of morose cabin-dwellers and feisty firebrands, and you’re looking instead for ravishing melodies full of magical twists and turns and sumptuous harmonies, then Louise Le May is the only game in town."- Chris Evans, Curve Ball Presenter